Samstag, 23. Februar 2008


Well it's not that often that I find myself with enough time to write here anymore, but due to transpiring events(Elder Hanzels computer crashing, and the subsequent need to re-install windows), I find myself with enough time to spare. So after buzzing through everyones blogs, and having to say props to Laura on going Off Roading pregnant(sounds like something Mom would do), and that I more than understand the Need of M&M's a part of your daily balanced breakfast. I would like to relate some of the days events to you.
If there was any excuse to cancel P-Day a baptism would have to be it. Elder Ellison, my one time former companion was going to perform his first Baptism today, let alone seeing his first baptism since coming out here. He was stoked as could be, along with Micheal Heinen the once "eternal investigator" who had finally been able to make the step. We all gathered in the Frankfurt Chapel at roughly 14:30, and began to sing, prayer, and listen to a wonderful sermon on the importance of Baptism. The Spirit was strong, and I could see that Elder Ellison despite being nervous had helped to put together a good baptismal service. When it came to time to move over to the Baptismal Font we all quietly wandered out of the Chapel and over to the Primary room where the font was located. I was near the back of the crowd and couldn't see up front but it wasn't hard to distinguish by the sound of running water that something key to the Baptism had been forgotten. Namely Water. Apparently the once filled to perfection Font, had managed to empty itself in a short time leaving us well...High and Dry. Elder Ellison looking like a beet sheepishly came out to explain what had happened.
Not a moment was spared. The Ward jumped right into action as every able-bodied man made a dash for the kitchen to fill pots, and pans to help quicken the now refilling font. Those unable to carry water slowly trickled back to the chapel, but without anything to do the Spirit and reverance of the occasion was slowly slipping away. Luckily another Elder came to the front and motioning to Sister Cole managed to get those waiting to participate in singing some Hymns, and after a couple of Minutes the Meeting was once again attended by a member of the GodHead.
Outside the Bishop directed everyone in there duties, and in less that half an hour the font wass once again filled, and the Baptism was performed. Everyone was relieved at being able to finally relax, and what could've been a disaster managed to leave a fond memorable mark on one mans entrance into the Waters.