Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010


Ok... So as I mentioned in a previous post my good buddy John had gotten his hands on a pretty sweet Downhill Bike known as the GLORY from Giant. I'll spare you all the techy details on why it is so cool, but yesterday when it came in the mail we were both like two kids on Christmas Morning!! John called sick to work, and I(having no work, or homework for that matter) dedicated an entire afternoon to building it up. (NOTE: Here is where I would normally list off all the cool stuff like CODE DISC BRAKES, BOXXER FORK, AND POLISHED ALUMINUM FRAME... but if you notice I have refrained :P ) A few tightened, loosened, and retightened bolts later, also a quick run to the LBS(Local Bike Shop) for a new chain, and we were pulling wheelies up and down the street just like when we 14. At this point I think I caught Kaylee, John's Wife, shaking her head and muttering, "what have I done?". But she was cool enough to escort us on our next mandatory endeavor. JUMPS!

Now I don't know how it goes for girls, but I am certain that there is some eternal law decreed that any boy who gets a new bike, must immediately search out some way of becoming airborne despite any condition of Weather, of Law. Armed with John's new toy, and a loaned BMX bike we set off for a local park where we could find a potential jump. It was buried under about 4 inches of snow, and even though you had to roll over a crumbled pile of concrete in order to get any speed the jump proved to be quite successful, so long as you didn't brake as this would cause the bike to lose all traction whatsoever. I unfortunately didn't have my camera on me so no pictures can be provided at this time, but after a little digging in the snow we had a decent little kicker on our hands. We even returned later that night and with the use of our strategically placed headlights were able to continue the fun in the dark. John was even kind enough to let me ride his new bike, and I must agree that it lives up to the name because it was GLORIOUS!! I've never felt a Downhill bike that was so nimble. The agility and handling was superb, but at the same time the bike was rock solid taking larger bumps. I must say that I am completely jealous now...