Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Where the bell goes ding.

Hey everyone...
I just wanted to let you all know about my second blog page that I'm starting. It's a place where I'm gonna try and post my short stories for critic. Please feel free to visit it by clicking on the link on the right side of the page of by typing in the search bar. Please leave comments.

Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Coming Home

Well.....yes I know that it's been awhile since I've posted a blog with something more than just cracking fun at my sister. That's probably because I enjoy reading them more than typing them(that and I've been extremely busy as a Missionary). For all of you out there who have been wondering what happened, and what's been going on since I left the wonderful German Latitudes for this .....dryer clime. Here is what's happened so far after the Airport(Mom and Elizebeth have covered the trip there well enough so you can see their blogs). As for where the story takes off from there here it is.

Sept 21st Sunday

Today I was released as Missionary. I drove home from SLC with my Mom, and at 3:00 pm we visited the Stake President, who without much fanfare released me from as a full-time Elder. It's sometimes hard to grasp the fact that 2 years have actually passed, and that all my memories of Germany wer actual real events. I've talked with other Elders who've come home, and they agree that it can be a very surreal feeling. Nothing seems real, and life is kind of like a dream. After being released we came home and I took up the noble Thomas tradition of turning the Family room into a mini apartment.

This is my wonderful Futon/Bed/Workspace. I unpacked all my things, and then realizing that I didn't have any drawers took my luggage and made them into drawers. In which I could slide under the bed nice and easy. It was only ironical that I was repacking them again only 5 minutes after unpacking.

Now rightfully settled into my new home, and being officially detagged my next move was to get out of the suit and into something a bit more comfy(shorts and tee). I then went outside grabbed my bike, and did what I'd been longing to do for 2 years. I went for a bike ride. IT WAS SO NICE. Trying to describe all the sensations of riding a bike is for me like asking Michelangelo to describe each stroke of the Sistine Chapel. It was all part of one big whole that just felt good. I at first saw President Roberts driving away in his truck so I chased him for a half-mile before losing him, and from there I just sort of wandered. Meandering through the old neighborhoods where I rode to school, and then slowly over towards the Greenbelt before making my way to Kevin Circle. There I caught up with the other thing that'd been more than 2 years in waiting.


For all those wondering or wanting the scoop on who this is I'll tell you. This is Cari. She's more or less one of my best buds since High School and over the years since graduation we've become....closer. Unfortunately in those three years I've been elsewhere, but somehow through it all I left with a friend and came back with a Girlfriend. We hung out the whole evening, and that coming Saturday we went to Bar-J Ranch in WY with her family. I sometimes think I'm gonna wake up and find out that this is all a dream, but reality has been kind, and on the next Sunday I leaped over that last hurdle of returning with my Homecoming talk.

I won't say much about the talk..only that it was inspired and that I was really grateful for the opportunity to talk to the Ward. I'd originally written a talk about becoming truly converted to the Lord, but as that Sunday morning came around I woke with the prompting to talk about the necessity of experiences, and the using of those experiences to gain, solidify, and strengthen a testimony. I was able to share my testimony, and I'm glad that I had the spirit to support me. I really hope that someone was edified.

That first week of being home was both fun, and emotion filled. Serving a Mission was great. I loved it and am excited to see the blessing that will come from it. Either way I can only say that Life is Good.

Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

I hate being left out :P

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