Samstag, 29. November 2008


If there is one unchangeable truth of Time, it is that there is never enough of it. The days of late seem to spin in and out faster than I can acknowledge them, and so I find myself sitting here apologizing once again for not being the most up to date blogger.

Ever since coming home from my mission though life has been loads of fun, and trying to keep it all in order has been a challenge. I figured that I would dedicate this blog to some of the things I've been doing as of late, and updating everyone on to my activities(because you are all so interested in my life(you are reading my blog so don't smirk to hard there.)).

Update 1: Work
Probably the most essential part of any RM's outline for a smooth transition back into civilian life is the finding, acquiring, and keeping of some form of employment. This stems from two facts that he is first, flat broke, and two aware that girls aren't to interested in lazy bums who sit around their basements all day.
In response to this need I, Seth Thomas, have wandered into the unknown, and dangerous world of Modern Day Employment in search of a job. My first attempt was to back track along some of my old hunting trails, and places of common interest to see if any game was available. I tried the usual, Bookstores, Bike Stores, Previous Employers, bullied little girls out of their babysitting gigs, you know, the usual. Unfortunately most of my normal choices had since moved on, but I was able to keep myself nourished, and the girls interested by applying my Custodial Arts skills for the local School District.
About a month ago I landed a job at on the Macy's loading dock, and that's turned out quite well for me. My shift begins every mon-fri at 6 am and goes until 2 in the afternoon. My job consists of unloading, and opening all freight that comes onto the dock. It's a pretty chill job, and I like it. My boss is also a really big video game fan, and so we chat about all the classics when we can. Things did get pretty crazy for awhile as we built up on stock for Black Friday. At times the entire dock floor was nothing but a maze of boxes stacked at least 10ft high, with the knowledge that in less than 6 hours we would be recieving 400 more boxes of overpriced goods(mainly ugly christmas sweaters)

Update 2: Sports
All Returning Elders must be aware of keeping fit, and healthy, as this too is key in finding ladies, and also in avoiding those all to embarrassing moments on the court, field, trail, or wherever you so find yourself locked in not-so-mortal combat. It's always good to have a friend, or good acquaintance who can help you get back up to speed.
Enter in-John:

My Buddy in crime here has already gotten me back out onto the mountain, and I'm craving the spring time already. A couple weeks back we went mountain biking, and the trail was so muddy that both our wheels locked up and descending was nothing more than a very fast controlled skid.
Despite our lack of snow alot of the trails have now been closed for the winter now, and so it's back to getting the skis tuned, and praying for powder, and money to go.
*Note: I still haven't been able to locate my ski boots. I think I left them with a sibling, but I'm not sure who. If you know the location of my boots would you please let me know. I'd sure like them come Christmas.

Update 3: School
For those who don't know I've been accepted to Idaho State University, and will be attending their come January. My registered classes so far are Eng 101, Intro to Mass Communications, Hist & Apprec of Photography, Creative Writing, Int. Algebra, and Intro to Socialogy. My saving plans are going along quite well, and I even got a scholarship for 500 dollars. I've been really blessed so far, and to top it off I've even got the coolest friends down there. It seems all my buddies from High School are there and I'm gonna be rooming with Myka, in my friend Tanners basement, and John's in town so we'll probably be doing lots of cool stuff(after all out homework is done of course.) Well that's kind of the updates of life. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Until then

Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Where the bell goes ding.

Hey everyone...
I just wanted to let you all know about my second blog page that I'm starting. It's a place where I'm gonna try and post my short stories for critic. Please feel free to visit it by clicking on the link on the right side of the page of by typing in the search bar. Please leave comments.

Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Coming Home

Well.....yes I know that it's been awhile since I've posted a blog with something more than just cracking fun at my sister. That's probably because I enjoy reading them more than typing them(that and I've been extremely busy as a Missionary). For all of you out there who have been wondering what happened, and what's been going on since I left the wonderful German Latitudes for this .....dryer clime. Here is what's happened so far after the Airport(Mom and Elizebeth have covered the trip there well enough so you can see their blogs). As for where the story takes off from there here it is.

Sept 21st Sunday

Today I was released as Missionary. I drove home from SLC with my Mom, and at 3:00 pm we visited the Stake President, who without much fanfare released me from as a full-time Elder. It's sometimes hard to grasp the fact that 2 years have actually passed, and that all my memories of Germany wer actual real events. I've talked with other Elders who've come home, and they agree that it can be a very surreal feeling. Nothing seems real, and life is kind of like a dream. After being released we came home and I took up the noble Thomas tradition of turning the Family room into a mini apartment.

This is my wonderful Futon/Bed/Workspace. I unpacked all my things, and then realizing that I didn't have any drawers took my luggage and made them into drawers. In which I could slide under the bed nice and easy. It was only ironical that I was repacking them again only 5 minutes after unpacking.

Now rightfully settled into my new home, and being officially detagged my next move was to get out of the suit and into something a bit more comfy(shorts and tee). I then went outside grabbed my bike, and did what I'd been longing to do for 2 years. I went for a bike ride. IT WAS SO NICE. Trying to describe all the sensations of riding a bike is for me like asking Michelangelo to describe each stroke of the Sistine Chapel. It was all part of one big whole that just felt good. I at first saw President Roberts driving away in his truck so I chased him for a half-mile before losing him, and from there I just sort of wandered. Meandering through the old neighborhoods where I rode to school, and then slowly over towards the Greenbelt before making my way to Kevin Circle. There I caught up with the other thing that'd been more than 2 years in waiting.


For all those wondering or wanting the scoop on who this is I'll tell you. This is Cari. She's more or less one of my best buds since High School and over the years since graduation we've become....closer. Unfortunately in those three years I've been elsewhere, but somehow through it all I left with a friend and came back with a Girlfriend. We hung out the whole evening, and that coming Saturday we went to Bar-J Ranch in WY with her family. I sometimes think I'm gonna wake up and find out that this is all a dream, but reality has been kind, and on the next Sunday I leaped over that last hurdle of returning with my Homecoming talk.

I won't say much about the talk..only that it was inspired and that I was really grateful for the opportunity to talk to the Ward. I'd originally written a talk about becoming truly converted to the Lord, but as that Sunday morning came around I woke with the prompting to talk about the necessity of experiences, and the using of those experiences to gain, solidify, and strengthen a testimony. I was able to share my testimony, and I'm glad that I had the spirit to support me. I really hope that someone was edified.

That first week of being home was both fun, and emotion filled. Serving a Mission was great. I loved it and am excited to see the blessing that will come from it. Either way I can only say that Life is Good.

Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

I hate being left out :P

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Which Disney Princess Are You?

Samstag, 3. Mai 2008

Photos I've been a busy little boy, and so have been having lots of fun lately. Here are some of the things I've seen lately.

These are some of my favorites of the Skyscraper Photo Shoot we did. I have yet to develop the Film ones, but those I think will turn out really cool.

This is a model of what Frankfurt looked like after WWII. E. Miller is a big Museum goer so we've been to a couple of those.

These were on Thursday. Apparently Germany's biggest bicycle race is here in Frankfurt. We went to go do some doors, but the Freeway exit was blocked. The Cops were blockading all the roads off right by our house, and here we were wondering if they were prepping for a bust or something. Then all of a sudden a poster I'd only glanced at from a couple weeks ago flashed through my head, and I squealed to my comp "There's a big race today." Little did I know that how big of a Race it was. The second photo is where we were on the Autobahn, and it came to a standstill. No one was going anywhere, and we could already see people walking around between the cars(good sign that we weren't going anywhere.) And so we hopped out just in time to see a couple of groups come wizzing by. There were supposed to be some really big teams racing today, but I didn't see anyone I recognized. Either way it's been fun, and sunny.

Samstag, 19. April 2008

Being Tagged

Ok...well I got Tagged by Luke, and well....since I can't really make a blog about a sweetheart I guess I'll just make one up.

A-Attached or single? Well... at this time she is currently single as I am currently single, but eventually that problem will be solved.
B- Best Friend? It would either be me or the woman down the street who does her nails.
C- Cake or Pie? She's definitely a cake person. Don't know why...maybe she was Marie Antoinette in a former life.
D- Day of Choice? Wednesday....It's a good day to wake up and realize everything is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will be like today.
E - Essential Item? She doesn't go anywhere without her Rubiks Cube.
F- Favorite Color? She keeps saying Periwinkle, but I maintain the fact that Periwinkle is not a color it is a Flower. Now if she were to describe it as Periwinkle Blue then I would know that it was some sort of blue that resembles a periwinkle. I'm a 16bit color type of man.
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears of course
H- Hometown? Nextdoor
I- Indulgences? Toe Socks
J- January or July? Most definitely July.
K- Kids? see answer A.
L- Life isn’t complete without? Laughing yourself silly while laying on your mudsoaked lawn during a summer downpour. Even better when someone is there to laugh with you.
M- Marriage Date? see answer K.
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters?She's somewhere in the middle, but I'm not too sure where.
O- Oranges or Apples? If I don't bruise them trying to juggle them, then normally Oranges.
P- Phobia’s or Fears? Jumping into a large pile of leaves(why you ask...lets just say some Childhood memories still carry scars.)
Q-favorite quote? Depends on the Film,Book, and/or Play that she is currently reading, but most definitely anything that has a relationship to Lovey dovey stuff.
R- Reason to Smile? Getting electrocuted and living to smile about it.
S- Season of Choice? Winter despite that fact that she prefers July over January.
T- Tag: My brothers: I've no idea who will even read this....lets say Alisha, and Gracie.
U- Unknown fact about us? We've somehow managed to have a relationship(that isn't really a relationship yet[see answer A]) while one of us consists of Physical atoms, and the other exists only in the letters of this blog. Take that all you who say long distant relationships are hard :P
V- Vegetable? She'd say Potato except she know that since Potatos are mainly starch they belong to the Grains category of the food pyramid, and so will just settle for the plain boring Sugar Beet, but only when it's properly boiled.
W - Worst Habit? Somehow managed to miss being around when everything came into existance.
X- X-Ray or Ultrasound? Z-rays(x-rays don't work on her)
Y- Your favorite Food? My favorite I'd have to say Schweine Haxe.
Z- Zodiac Sign? She's a Pisces

Samstag, 12. April 2008


I also wanted to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes. It was a fun day, and some how everyone knew about it. Sister Gessner made me a cake(german style), and Elder Hanzal made a point of printing out my trunky papers a few days early just to give me grief. All in all though it was a good day. Love ya all.

More Pics for ya all

Elder Ellison and Elder Easter at KFC
Frankfurt Skyscrapers
Elder Ellison again. of the YSA in the Mannheim ward decided to forward me some of these photos she took when our district did a P-Day with the YSA. They're from back around October.

Dienstag, 18. März 2008

Just some of the Scenes

Teaching Sabina in the Park with Sis. Cole

The Wiesbaden Streets

Nothing is Funner for and Elder than Primary Kids

The Deutsche Bank Towers

Frankfurt, and the Main at Night


Frankfurt Skyline

Samstag, 23. Februar 2008


Well it's not that often that I find myself with enough time to write here anymore, but due to transpiring events(Elder Hanzels computer crashing, and the subsequent need to re-install windows), I find myself with enough time to spare. So after buzzing through everyones blogs, and having to say props to Laura on going Off Roading pregnant(sounds like something Mom would do), and that I more than understand the Need of M&M's a part of your daily balanced breakfast. I would like to relate some of the days events to you.
If there was any excuse to cancel P-Day a baptism would have to be it. Elder Ellison, my one time former companion was going to perform his first Baptism today, let alone seeing his first baptism since coming out here. He was stoked as could be, along with Micheal Heinen the once "eternal investigator" who had finally been able to make the step. We all gathered in the Frankfurt Chapel at roughly 14:30, and began to sing, prayer, and listen to a wonderful sermon on the importance of Baptism. The Spirit was strong, and I could see that Elder Ellison despite being nervous had helped to put together a good baptismal service. When it came to time to move over to the Baptismal Font we all quietly wandered out of the Chapel and over to the Primary room where the font was located. I was near the back of the crowd and couldn't see up front but it wasn't hard to distinguish by the sound of running water that something key to the Baptism had been forgotten. Namely Water. Apparently the once filled to perfection Font, had managed to empty itself in a short time leaving us well...High and Dry. Elder Ellison looking like a beet sheepishly came out to explain what had happened.
Not a moment was spared. The Ward jumped right into action as every able-bodied man made a dash for the kitchen to fill pots, and pans to help quicken the now refilling font. Those unable to carry water slowly trickled back to the chapel, but without anything to do the Spirit and reverance of the occasion was slowly slipping away. Luckily another Elder came to the front and motioning to Sister Cole managed to get those waiting to participate in singing some Hymns, and after a couple of Minutes the Meeting was once again attended by a member of the GodHead.
Outside the Bishop directed everyone in there duties, and in less that half an hour the font wass once again filled, and the Baptism was performed. Everyone was relieved at being able to finally relax, and what could've been a disaster managed to leave a fond memorable mark on one mans entrance into the Waters.

Freitag, 18. Januar 2008

Crazy Germans, and what not.

Hey There Everybody
Well it's seems my last post was a good hit. The ironic part was I really didn't think it was all that funny. I just wanted to post something so that I could feel like I was part of the Thomas Blogging Circle. Either way.. I must say I've really enjoyed blogging. It allows me to use my "creative" side, to show you the "creative" side of the mission life. Those of you who have already served know that there is just as much fun to be had knocking doors, as there is to be turning off the bathroom lights when you comp is in the shower(FYI..I've lost all trust in the concept of "German Engineering") They can build a fast car but they can't build a house(with the exceptions of windows and shopping carts.. those are ingenius). Anywho..lights are generally situated on the outside of the room to which they connect, and so there is always the unavoidable temptation to leave your comp, sudsing in the dark. It's great here in the office too. Since we're a companionship of three, you can do stuff like that and no one is really sure who did it. I mean...when it's you're just to two, then it's pretty obvious that it wasn't the cat. Despite what your companion says.
Another really crazy thing about Germans are the Old People. They're downright weird sometimes. Especially when they don't like you, and they don't have to have a reason. I couldn't help but laugh at the little video Mom sent me. Thing is.....That's exactly what a German would do. I laughed so hard. I'll try and get it up here so that you all can enjoy it, and then you'll understand, or maybe you won't but you'll be sure to laugh.

Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Eternal Companion...or Not????

Hello Everybody...
Due to a recent upsurge in the bragging of ones companion among the women folk who've managed to tie themselves(either by birth or law) to the Thomas nuts, and feeling very much left out. I have have decided in a spirit of boredom, and mockery(but mostly boredom) have decided to post all the wonderful qualities of my "Companion". Sorry.. After many attempts, and bruises from trying to get a photo of hugging my companion. I've detemined(the others determined) there would be no cute photos for this blog.

1. What is his name?

Elder Hartvigsen, and Elder Hanzel. They both have a wonderful first name. I believe it's of some long old origin, but I do know the meaning of the name is something to do with feeling as old as the pain in my lower back. That in it's own turn reminds me of how often they're like a pain in the back.

2. How long have you been married?

Never been married but I have been living with Elder Hartvigsen for about 7 weeks 3 days, and something around there. Elder Hanzel is the new guy in the flat, and has only been here a little over a week, but it feels like he's been eating my cereal since the world was created.

3. How long did you date?

No dating, just one phone call from President Webb, and we were living together.

4. How did you meet?

Elder Hartvigsen I first met on a train to Duisburg. It was there that I first learned his name has a very "special" meaning in the German Slang, and is best left untranslated. Needless to say I've had many good times dooring doors with Elder Horwegson. Never would've guessed I'd be his last comp.
Elder Hanzel I first saw at a Zoko, as he openly opposed every dumb idea, and managed to replace them with sensibly solutions. Once again...never thought I'd be comps with one of the first Elders to come out of the Czech.

5.Who eats more?

Together they out eat me, but it's only by a little bit. I generally have more energy coming into the meal, because they like to cook, and it's only a 2 butt kitchen.

6.Who said "I love you" first?

UH.......lets not go there, but in order to keep this spot from being left was 3 weeks 2 days from meeting Elder Hartvigsen that I first same him scribble a hasty "love ya" on the end of a letter not addressed to his mother.

7. Who sings better?
We generally like to butcher our songs together, but on occasion we get the Spirit with us, and then we make a pretty good quartet.

8. Who's taller?
Spiritually, or Physically? I'm definitely the short spirit one, but I make up for it by being able to see both their bald spots.
9. Whose temper is worse?

Temper...we're too tired to have a temper.

10. Who does laundry?
We do it all separatly, but Elder Hartvigsen is always nice enough to escort me down to the basement to make sure I don't get jumped by a large spider.
11. Who does the dishes?
Elder Hartvigsen somehow manages to get them done when I'm not looking but if I'm fast I can get them done before he's finished eating.

12. Who does the cooking?
See question 5

13. Who is more stubborn?
Probably Elder should see him trying to book hotel rooms. He's an animal
14. Who proposed?
proposed what? If it was to go tracting, probably Elder Hartvigsen, to go finish the Zoko slide show, probably Elder Hanzel, and if it was to blow out of the Office to go remodel an apartment that was probably Sister Webb speaking through me.
15. Who is most likely to admit they are wrong?
UH.......we're men, we don't talk about these things. We generally just grunt until everyone feels better. Either that or shoot each other with Air Soft Guns until someone surrenders.
16. Who pays the bills?
That would be Sister Cole.. she does everything with $$

17. Who wears the pants in the house?
We generally don't where pants at home. We go straight to the shorts, and Pajama Bottoms

18. Why do you love your husband?
Cause I can't get rid of him, and so after awhile he's just kind of there until he's gone, and then you feel a small twinge of Loss, either that or it's a bratwurst.