Montag, 30. März 2009

Knee Update

So after a very painful Sunday in which I was barely able to move around, even with a cane. John finally convinced me to go see a doctor about my knee.

The conclusion, is that I have a possibly ACL tear, and so I'm going to see a specialist sometime this week to get a final conclusion. The good news is that with a couple anti-inflammatories, and a monster knee brace I've practically gotten rid of all pain. So if it's torn there's a good chance that it's so minor it won't require surgury. We'll see. I'll keep you all updated, but until are some more sweet pictures.

My pimpin' sweet cane

The Back of my knee

Just to put things in perspective, and might I add this is after the swelling has receded.

Nothing says lady catcher like a bandage. Generally the bigger the better.

For those of you who haven't read the previous blogs...the story unfolds itself from there. So feel free to scroll down a bit, and remember.. I always love your comments.

PS. James...If I'm removed from the biking scene for the summer you are more than welcome to take Miss Devinci out on a couple of dates while I'm out of commision.

Sonntag, 29. März 2009

War story photos :D

For the squeamish don't worry...the photos aren't that bad. Those of you with little ones might as well get used to seeing stuff like this.

Swollen Left Knee...I tried to show my right one for comparison

Perfectly healthy but very tired right knee

Some tissue damage on the ol' shin

The forearm..I think it looked a lot cooler when it was still covered in blood
One sore biker who likes to tell really cool stories about what "really" happened

Samstag, 28. März 2009

Knocked out of the saddle

Don't worry...I'm still employed at Scott's but today I went for a really sweet ride today. Well at least it started out that way. John, Myka, and I (notice the proper grammar Mom) headed out in a chilly morning with good wind. The plus....the ground was still melted. The riding was pretty good, but as the day warmed up all the that frozen spring run off began to turn into a wonderfully soupy mess. We even had Myka on camera so we were having a blast filming all of our stupid antics. I recently did some work on my new bike so she was also riding like a dream.

Down near the bottom of the trail some fellow riders had built this really sweet kicker. It had a 12 foot space into the landing area, but it was forgiving enough that you didn't have to go big. e

On the last run, of the day John and I were sessioning the jump, and every time I was going bigger and bigger. It felt really good. On the last run through John and I decided to create a train, which is to follow each other really close creating a sweet riding feeling. I was about to go first, but decided last minute to let him go first.

Gears were shifted, brake levers checked, and with the creak of muddy rear suspension, we pushed off. John hit the jump with flying colors, and me coming in close behind was ready to go farther than ever before, and that I did. Until my foot slipped off the pedal, got sucked under the bike, and a very painful pop later I was on my bikeside holding my knee, and trying not to vomit.

Thoughts spiraled from oh crap, hope I don't rack myself, ouch, there goes my knee, ouche, will I ever ride again(a little overdramatic I know, but hey..I was panicing), then it reverted back to ouch, did I break my leg, I hope I can still make it to work on monday,ouch, at least the ground is soft, did I tear my ACL, of crap it hurts, maybe I won't go to school, maybe it's just dislocated.

By about that point everything was just OUCH. John helped me get off the hill, and I think everything is in order. I'll probably be doped up on tylenol for the next couple of days, and my bean bags have taken on the form of my butt.

I don't have any pictures yet, but once everything gets nice and swollen I'll be sure to post them.
:D peace out, and don't worry...I'm doing quite well.

Back in the Saddle again

For the textually impaired I'm so sorry that this post isn't too filled with photos of all those cute girlies I've been dating lately. Instead I figured I'd update you all on my current financial situation.

With the purchase of my newest gal(Bike that is) my funds have become somewhat dryer than they normally are. So in light of me being broke(r), I decided to get a job. Ever since the great collapse of 2008 jobs have started becoming rarer than a Picachu Pokemon Card. My friend and landlady Chelsey was fired from her job a month ago, and still has yet to find a suitable job. It seems that belts are being tightened all around and so I was ready to put in fight.

For the last couple of weeks I've been eyeing every "now hiring" sign I've seen. I've run the gambit from Pizza Delivery Man, to Call Center, and nothing was feeling right. Truth be told I really wanted to work in a bike shop again, but I'm three years out of the loop and most shops here are cutting back as it is.

I figured it wouldn't hurt though so I filled out a couple resumes, and applications. Circled them around town, and didn't think much of it. To get a job as a bike shop was going to be a long shot and I was ready to move on to less favorable climes if nothing turned up.

My first two stops were Barries Ski and Bike, and Rob's Bike Shop. Neither was looking too good, but I knew Rob and he'd hired John last summer so I thought I had a chance. My last stop was Scott's Ski and Sports. I didn't have anymore copies of my resume, and so I just asked the guy at the counter if the store was hiring for the summer. He affirmed my suspicions of a no, and so I shrugged my shoulders and said I'd worked in a shop before and so I figured I asked. As he heard that his attitude completely changed. He asked if I had experience as a mechanic, which I don't(I'm NO mechanic in the least), which I told him no. He asked if I'd be willing to learn and so I said sure. He gave me an application which I filled out and brought back.

I wanted it to be perfectly clear that I was under qualified Mechanic, and even though I wanted the job I didn't want to give the owner false pretenses. To my suprise when I brought my application back the owner sat me down and we had an interview then and there. He asked me some questions, and said he'd talk to the mechanics about me to see if they'd be willing to take me under their wings.

At this point I began praying really hard that everything would work out. I was more concerned with getting a job, and knew the Lord would take care of me. I didn't have to work in a bike shop, but I really wanted too(employee discounts rock!!!).

Next thing I know I'm working as a wrench for Scott's Ski and Sports. I never would've dreamed of being hired as a mechanic, but here I am getting to do what I love to do. In all honesty everyday at work is very humbling as I'm aware at how far from being a mechanic I truly am. I just wanted to let everyone know how blessed I've been though. Times are tough for lots of people. I know many of my friends who've taken on hard jobs because it paid, and here I am. I do one afternoon of job hunting. I apply at three bike shops that shouldn't be hiring at all, and I walk away with a job. One that in all honesty I'm not qualified for.

It's amazing how the Lord has blessed me, and it's quite possible he does it just make sure I know who's really running the show. Which is fine by's alot easier than trying to do it all myself.

So there you have little miracle of the week. I hope everything is working out for those who read this.

Samstag, 14. März 2009


Well....for those of you who haven't noticed the spring weather has begun to show her wonderful face again. In the spirit of Bambi twitterpation is in the air, and I would like to introduce you all to Miss Devinci. Feel free to whistle and drool...she likes it.

PS....I've yet to come up with a name for her....Please comment with your suggestions for Miss Devinci