Freitag, 18. Januar 2008

Crazy Germans, and what not.

Hey There Everybody
Well it's seems my last post was a good hit. The ironic part was I really didn't think it was all that funny. I just wanted to post something so that I could feel like I was part of the Thomas Blogging Circle. Either way.. I must say I've really enjoyed blogging. It allows me to use my "creative" side, to show you the "creative" side of the mission life. Those of you who have already served know that there is just as much fun to be had knocking doors, as there is to be turning off the bathroom lights when you comp is in the shower(FYI..I've lost all trust in the concept of "German Engineering") They can build a fast car but they can't build a house(with the exceptions of windows and shopping carts.. those are ingenius). Anywho..lights are generally situated on the outside of the room to which they connect, and so there is always the unavoidable temptation to leave your comp, sudsing in the dark. It's great here in the office too. Since we're a companionship of three, you can do stuff like that and no one is really sure who did it. I mean...when it's you're just to two, then it's pretty obvious that it wasn't the cat. Despite what your companion says.
Another really crazy thing about Germans are the Old People. They're downright weird sometimes. Especially when they don't like you, and they don't have to have a reason. I couldn't help but laugh at the little video Mom sent me. Thing is.....That's exactly what a German would do. I laughed so hard. I'll try and get it up here so that you all can enjoy it, and then you'll understand, or maybe you won't but you'll be sure to laugh.

Samstag, 12. Januar 2008

Eternal Companion...or Not????

Hello Everybody...
Due to a recent upsurge in the bragging of ones companion among the women folk who've managed to tie themselves(either by birth or law) to the Thomas nuts, and feeling very much left out. I have have decided in a spirit of boredom, and mockery(but mostly boredom) have decided to post all the wonderful qualities of my "Companion". Sorry.. After many attempts, and bruises from trying to get a photo of hugging my companion. I've detemined(the others determined) there would be no cute photos for this blog.

1. What is his name?

Elder Hartvigsen, and Elder Hanzel. They both have a wonderful first name. I believe it's of some long old origin, but I do know the meaning of the name is something to do with feeling as old as the pain in my lower back. That in it's own turn reminds me of how often they're like a pain in the back.

2. How long have you been married?

Never been married but I have been living with Elder Hartvigsen for about 7 weeks 3 days, and something around there. Elder Hanzel is the new guy in the flat, and has only been here a little over a week, but it feels like he's been eating my cereal since the world was created.

3. How long did you date?

No dating, just one phone call from President Webb, and we were living together.

4. How did you meet?

Elder Hartvigsen I first met on a train to Duisburg. It was there that I first learned his name has a very "special" meaning in the German Slang, and is best left untranslated. Needless to say I've had many good times dooring doors with Elder Horwegson. Never would've guessed I'd be his last comp.
Elder Hanzel I first saw at a Zoko, as he openly opposed every dumb idea, and managed to replace them with sensibly solutions. Once again...never thought I'd be comps with one of the first Elders to come out of the Czech.

5.Who eats more?

Together they out eat me, but it's only by a little bit. I generally have more energy coming into the meal, because they like to cook, and it's only a 2 butt kitchen.

6.Who said "I love you" first?

UH.......lets not go there, but in order to keep this spot from being left was 3 weeks 2 days from meeting Elder Hartvigsen that I first same him scribble a hasty "love ya" on the end of a letter not addressed to his mother.

7. Who sings better?
We generally like to butcher our songs together, but on occasion we get the Spirit with us, and then we make a pretty good quartet.

8. Who's taller?
Spiritually, or Physically? I'm definitely the short spirit one, but I make up for it by being able to see both their bald spots.
9. Whose temper is worse?

Temper...we're too tired to have a temper.

10. Who does laundry?
We do it all separatly, but Elder Hartvigsen is always nice enough to escort me down to the basement to make sure I don't get jumped by a large spider.
11. Who does the dishes?
Elder Hartvigsen somehow manages to get them done when I'm not looking but if I'm fast I can get them done before he's finished eating.

12. Who does the cooking?
See question 5

13. Who is more stubborn?
Probably Elder should see him trying to book hotel rooms. He's an animal
14. Who proposed?
proposed what? If it was to go tracting, probably Elder Hartvigsen, to go finish the Zoko slide show, probably Elder Hanzel, and if it was to blow out of the Office to go remodel an apartment that was probably Sister Webb speaking through me.
15. Who is most likely to admit they are wrong?
UH.......we're men, we don't talk about these things. We generally just grunt until everyone feels better. Either that or shoot each other with Air Soft Guns until someone surrenders.
16. Who pays the bills?
That would be Sister Cole.. she does everything with $$

17. Who wears the pants in the house?
We generally don't where pants at home. We go straight to the shorts, and Pajama Bottoms

18. Why do you love your husband?
Cause I can't get rid of him, and so after awhile he's just kind of there until he's gone, and then you feel a small twinge of Loss, either that or it's a bratwurst.