Sonntag, 18. April 2010

Once a Nerd always a Nerd

I'm not too sure how many of you remember the "laboratory" that I constructed in the basement of the Chiloquin house. I didn't look like much. Kinda was just a collection of cut up soda bottles to the untrained eye, but you didn't know I was building my own airtanks :P....
I digress, but the reason I bring it up now is that I have realized that you can take the boy out of the Lab, but you can't take the lab out of the boy. And thanks to a Mother who can dream with her children, I have finally finished building the COOLEST THING since Dexter's Laboratory. Behold... My 8'x3' White Board.

I know the photos aren't the best... Reflective surfaces in a dimly lit room aren't the best, but as you can somewhat see... with a few upholstery tacks and twenty dollars I was able to acquire and hang two 4'x3' sheets of whiteboard acquired from Lowes for only 9.69 a piece. The idea was so ingenious even my engineer minded roommate Myka got in on the action. With his own giant white-board. Now he's got a place to sketch out the designs for his motorcycle. :D

Why all this work do you ask? Well... It came as a desire to write out my thoughts for an extensive study I'm currently doing on the Allegory of the Olive Tree. I've also discovered that I am what's known as a "Structuralist" amongst literary scholars. In short whenever I read something I construct patterns, boxes, and categories into my mind. This board is going to be my best friend in Scripture Study, English Class, and for whenever I want to outline my thoughts concerning any literature I get my pudgy little paws on. :D Maybe I sound nuts.. Maybe I am.. who knows, but in the end I know that you're all jealous of my SUPER SWEET WHITE-BOARD.