Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

Who ever said nothing in life was free... Was Wrong

Ok... so I must've helped some old lady cross the street in the Premortal life because I certainly don't think that I deserve any of what I'm about to show you, but somehow or another I've been exceptionally blessed with some goods, that while temporal, are very much appreciated.

The story runs as follows...
In the space of Thursday morning to Saturday evening I have somehow managed to have item after item given to me from friends, coworkers, and some guy who was helping me move stuff.

1. Snowshoes... Retail Value $50-$100 Donated by: Scott's Ski and Sports

2. 661 Carbon Full Face Helmet. Retail Value $100-$150 Donated by: Fellow Mechanic Alan Worley

Rossignol Pro1 Race Boot Retail Value $700 Donated by: Scott's Ski and Sports

And last but certainly not least: MY NEW 42" Plasma Flatscreen... Donated by: Some guy named Kenny.

Ok... so the TV isn't really mine... yet... The way that worked out is on Thursday I was helping a friend of mine move out of her apartment. Whilst standing in the midst of mobile chaos in walks a guy to help another one of the girls living in the apartment. We get to talking and turns out he has so many Flatscreen TV's (some people are just cursed) that he really doesn't want to pack them all up. We get to talking.. I (being male) mention how I wished I had one.. and he.. being kind (or stupid) says that I can take it for the summer and if by summers end I want to keep it he'll sell it for $350... Still debating on the purchasing thing... but I must say that it's very tempting.

Anyway... I know it's no where near as cool as your children, but hey.. they're like babies to me so read it and wheep... Gotta love being in the right place at the right time.