Montag, 18. April 2011


Tax Day has come and gone, and while many of my fellow Americans were busy crunching numbers and digging through W-2 forms I found myself in an elementary school parking lot surrounded by small cluster of men and women wearing tights. All of whom were eyeing the queasy looking sky and thinking the same thing. "What in this good green earth encouraged me to leave my warm saturday morning bed and come out here?"
The reason. Race Day! Hosted by ICE(Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts, but i think the pun was intended) the annual Tax Day race was only a few minutes from starting. I hadn't competed in a race in nearly 5 years, and judging by the mass of $2000 carbon fiber road bikes lining up next to me on the starting line I was starting to regret my decision to come, as all I had was my $300 steel single-speed. I figured if I finished I'd be happy.
Well the race started off, and I'm sorry I didn't have anyone to take any pictures, but one hour eleven minutes thirty-seven seconds and twenty miles later I rolled across the finish line a full twenty minutes ahead of second place.
Not bad I thought.
Considering I dropped the pack about a mile into the course and never saw another competing soul until the end, but what really gave me bragging rights was the laughable fact that some kid on a cheap piece of steel was able to finish strong let alone finish. Felt good.... maybe I'll have to go start wrestling Sitani, and Noah, and Jace so I can brag about beating little kids as well :P