Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

It's finally finished

Ok... So I'm pretty sure that most of you have no idea what's finally been finished, and that it's a project that's been in progress since last summer. In short, the three room basement apartment that I rent with my roommate Myka was originally equipped with a bedroom for each of us and a shared living room. But as Both Myka and I eventually invested in our own personal flat screens the living room became a very lonely unused room. Then last August as Myka and I were preparing to start another riveting semester of "academic joys" we looked at our living room and saw the potential for a tidy little workshop.
First steps included removing all previous furnishing from the room.
Second, thanks to the pile of unused lumber and a couple extra large pieces of shop counter tops removed from the trash heap outside of Scotts Ski and Sports, a workbench was made.
Third, a used bike stand was located.
Fourth, tools were unpacked
Five, Shop apron was found.
And sixth, Miss Devinci has been given her own Spa Day :D

Plans for a Shock overhaul, new wheels, and regreasing of bearings are in order. Along with a deep cleansing scrub that bubbles down to the threads on the nuts :D I'm hoping to enter into the Utah Downhill circuit this year to see how I can do and so I'm very excited to now have a place to myself where I can tune my bike. :D

Now of course some things are going to have to be acquired over time. Tools like a truing stand, headset press, Bottom Bracket Removal Tool, and cable cutters are all on the mind, but first addition will probably be the all essential stool. I'm currently using this bad boy fashioned out of three 4x4's and a piece of particle board I had lying around. It's fastened together with furniture tacks and I've nailed a 2x4 underneath it to keep the thin 'seat' from bending when I sit down. I know many carpenters out there are groaning quite loudly at this abhoration of construction, but really it's quite sturdy, and effective, but I too cannot wait to find a padded cushion to sit on.

But all in all it's quite a pleasing site to see. The workbench really brings it all together, and needless to say I'm pretty stoked at the whole idea. I've been wanting to piece together my own home shop ever since I started working at Perfomance back in 2005. Crazy eh. Well I guess this will serve as my blog for the first half of the year. Over and out.