Samstag, 3. Mai 2008

Photos I've been a busy little boy, and so have been having lots of fun lately. Here are some of the things I've seen lately.

These are some of my favorites of the Skyscraper Photo Shoot we did. I have yet to develop the Film ones, but those I think will turn out really cool.

This is a model of what Frankfurt looked like after WWII. E. Miller is a big Museum goer so we've been to a couple of those.

These were on Thursday. Apparently Germany's biggest bicycle race is here in Frankfurt. We went to go do some doors, but the Freeway exit was blocked. The Cops were blockading all the roads off right by our house, and here we were wondering if they were prepping for a bust or something. Then all of a sudden a poster I'd only glanced at from a couple weeks ago flashed through my head, and I squealed to my comp "There's a big race today." Little did I know that how big of a Race it was. The second photo is where we were on the Autobahn, and it came to a standstill. No one was going anywhere, and we could already see people walking around between the cars(good sign that we weren't going anywhere.) And so we hopped out just in time to see a couple of groups come wizzing by. There were supposed to be some really big teams racing today, but I didn't see anyone I recognized. Either way it's been fun, and sunny.