Samstag, 19. April 2008

Being Tagged

Ok...well I got Tagged by Luke, and well....since I can't really make a blog about a sweetheart I guess I'll just make one up.

A-Attached or single? Well... at this time she is currently single as I am currently single, but eventually that problem will be solved.
B- Best Friend? It would either be me or the woman down the street who does her nails.
C- Cake or Pie? She's definitely a cake person. Don't know why...maybe she was Marie Antoinette in a former life.
D- Day of Choice? Wednesday....It's a good day to wake up and realize everything is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will be like today.
E - Essential Item? She doesn't go anywhere without her Rubiks Cube.
F- Favorite Color? She keeps saying Periwinkle, but I maintain the fact that Periwinkle is not a color it is a Flower. Now if she were to describe it as Periwinkle Blue then I would know that it was some sort of blue that resembles a periwinkle. I'm a 16bit color type of man.
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears of course
H- Hometown? Nextdoor
I- Indulgences? Toe Socks
J- January or July? Most definitely July.
K- Kids? see answer A.
L- Life isn’t complete without? Laughing yourself silly while laying on your mudsoaked lawn during a summer downpour. Even better when someone is there to laugh with you.
M- Marriage Date? see answer K.
N- Number of Brothers and Sisters?She's somewhere in the middle, but I'm not too sure where.
O- Oranges or Apples? If I don't bruise them trying to juggle them, then normally Oranges.
P- Phobia’s or Fears? Jumping into a large pile of leaves(why you ask...lets just say some Childhood memories still carry scars.)
Q-favorite quote? Depends on the Film,Book, and/or Play that she is currently reading, but most definitely anything that has a relationship to Lovey dovey stuff.
R- Reason to Smile? Getting electrocuted and living to smile about it.
S- Season of Choice? Winter despite that fact that she prefers July over January.
T- Tag: My brothers: I've no idea who will even read this....lets say Alisha, and Gracie.
U- Unknown fact about us? We've somehow managed to have a relationship(that isn't really a relationship yet[see answer A]) while one of us consists of Physical atoms, and the other exists only in the letters of this blog. Take that all you who say long distant relationships are hard :P
V- Vegetable? She'd say Potato except she know that since Potatos are mainly starch they belong to the Grains category of the food pyramid, and so will just settle for the plain boring Sugar Beet, but only when it's properly boiled.
W - Worst Habit? Somehow managed to miss being around when everything came into existance.
X- X-Ray or Ultrasound? Z-rays(x-rays don't work on her)
Y- Your favorite Food? My favorite I'd have to say Schweine Haxe.
Z- Zodiac Sign? She's a Pisces

Samstag, 12. April 2008


I also wanted to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes. It was a fun day, and some how everyone knew about it. Sister Gessner made me a cake(german style), and Elder Hanzal made a point of printing out my trunky papers a few days early just to give me grief. All in all though it was a good day. Love ya all.

More Pics for ya all

Elder Ellison and Elder Easter at KFC
Frankfurt Skyscrapers
Elder Ellison again. of the YSA in the Mannheim ward decided to forward me some of these photos she took when our district did a P-Day with the YSA. They're from back around October.