Samstag, 29. November 2008


If there is one unchangeable truth of Time, it is that there is never enough of it. The days of late seem to spin in and out faster than I can acknowledge them, and so I find myself sitting here apologizing once again for not being the most up to date blogger.

Ever since coming home from my mission though life has been loads of fun, and trying to keep it all in order has been a challenge. I figured that I would dedicate this blog to some of the things I've been doing as of late, and updating everyone on to my activities(because you are all so interested in my life(you are reading my blog so don't smirk to hard there.)).

Update 1: Work
Probably the most essential part of any RM's outline for a smooth transition back into civilian life is the finding, acquiring, and keeping of some form of employment. This stems from two facts that he is first, flat broke, and two aware that girls aren't to interested in lazy bums who sit around their basements all day.
In response to this need I, Seth Thomas, have wandered into the unknown, and dangerous world of Modern Day Employment in search of a job. My first attempt was to back track along some of my old hunting trails, and places of common interest to see if any game was available. I tried the usual, Bookstores, Bike Stores, Previous Employers, bullied little girls out of their babysitting gigs, you know, the usual. Unfortunately most of my normal choices had since moved on, but I was able to keep myself nourished, and the girls interested by applying my Custodial Arts skills for the local School District.
About a month ago I landed a job at on the Macy's loading dock, and that's turned out quite well for me. My shift begins every mon-fri at 6 am and goes until 2 in the afternoon. My job consists of unloading, and opening all freight that comes onto the dock. It's a pretty chill job, and I like it. My boss is also a really big video game fan, and so we chat about all the classics when we can. Things did get pretty crazy for awhile as we built up on stock for Black Friday. At times the entire dock floor was nothing but a maze of boxes stacked at least 10ft high, with the knowledge that in less than 6 hours we would be recieving 400 more boxes of overpriced goods(mainly ugly christmas sweaters)

Update 2: Sports
All Returning Elders must be aware of keeping fit, and healthy, as this too is key in finding ladies, and also in avoiding those all to embarrassing moments on the court, field, trail, or wherever you so find yourself locked in not-so-mortal combat. It's always good to have a friend, or good acquaintance who can help you get back up to speed.
Enter in-John:

My Buddy in crime here has already gotten me back out onto the mountain, and I'm craving the spring time already. A couple weeks back we went mountain biking, and the trail was so muddy that both our wheels locked up and descending was nothing more than a very fast controlled skid.
Despite our lack of snow alot of the trails have now been closed for the winter now, and so it's back to getting the skis tuned, and praying for powder, and money to go.
*Note: I still haven't been able to locate my ski boots. I think I left them with a sibling, but I'm not sure who. If you know the location of my boots would you please let me know. I'd sure like them come Christmas.

Update 3: School
For those who don't know I've been accepted to Idaho State University, and will be attending their come January. My registered classes so far are Eng 101, Intro to Mass Communications, Hist & Apprec of Photography, Creative Writing, Int. Algebra, and Intro to Socialogy. My saving plans are going along quite well, and I even got a scholarship for 500 dollars. I've been really blessed so far, and to top it off I've even got the coolest friends down there. It seems all my buddies from High School are there and I'm gonna be rooming with Myka, in my friend Tanners basement, and John's in town so we'll probably be doing lots of cool stuff(after all out homework is done of course.) Well that's kind of the updates of life. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Until then