Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Help... someone stole the soap

Not joking... about that title their. So I've been in Germany almost a week now, and so far getting settled has had it's ups and downs. The biggest of which has probably been my search for an apartment(found one by the way.. but more on that later), so for the past week I've been bunking in a hostel just south of the university, and going into the city during the day to get stuff for school figured out. Registration, Paying fees, opening bank accounts, eating fatty cafeteria food, perusing the want ads for apartments, and so on and so forth.
Well not two hours ago I had just made my way back to my bunk, and given the incredible humidity of the day I was ripe for a shower. So I gathered up my things and made my way over to the showers only to find them occupied. Not really wanting to go back to my room just yet I figured I'd step outside and walk down to the Rhein(about 50 yards)while I waited for the showers to open up. A thunderstorm was rolling by in the distance and I figured while I watched the lightshow I'd try skipping a few rocks out onto the river. Putting my hat, shampoo, and towel, down onto a bench I walked the last twenty feet or so to the river.
The lightning was awesome, and the storm was close enough that the thunder felt like the sky was being torn in half. Even the wind was strong enough that I could stand out on a rock and lean out over the Rhein without falling in. It really was something to behold.
The storm was quickly passed, as most summer storms are, maybe five minutes at the longest, and then I turned around to find my bench completely empty with the exception of my hat.
Seems I'd just been robbed.
I tried to be upset, and it may have worked for about 3 maybe 4 seconds, until the picture of some homeless man walking around town with nothing but a bottle of shampoo and a towel and around his waist popped into my head.
I guess the guy really needed a shower, as that's all he took.
I still feel the need to chuckle when I think about it. Maybe next time I'll leave a razor and some shaving cream out. ;)

Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well it's T-30 hours, and it finally seems a reality that I'm going to be spending the next year in Germany. It's funny how the mind can refuse to truly comprehend something until the very last minute, while at the same time it while take the body through all the motions of packing, saying goodbye, and I dare say...flying. Even now I don't really think it's fully dawned on me yet that I'm actually leaving, and for how long. Strange...
Anyway as I woke up this morning and looked at my bare 10' X 10' bedroom it kinda hit me that I'm out of here :) All that's left to do is pay some final bills, roll up the sleeping bag, and unplug the tv. It's going to be weird. It's going to be hard. It's going to be alot of things, but most of all... THIS IS GOING TO FREAKING ROCK!!!! And if not... well at least I got to go on a plane ride :D

Freitag, 5. August 2011

Me in Fifty Years

Ok... so my roommate Myka is a pretty big fan of the band Angels and Airwaves... He showed me this and while the movie is cool I really thought the old man was definitely a futuristic version of me. What do you think?


Also this video is pretty rad as well. Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds to Mars